CNY Shakes

Huat Huat Orange

Huat Huat Orange

A perfect combination of orange & coconut to huat for the new year.

R - $6.9       L - $7.9

Ong Ong Pineapple

Bringing back our favorite pineapple infused coconut shake to pair with your reunion dinner.

R - $6.9       L - $7.9

Heng Heng Yuzu

Heng Heng Yuzu

Enjoy our refreshing yuzu coconut shake after eating all your CNY goodies.

R - $6.9       L - $7.9


Fresh Coconut Juice

Fresh Coconut Juice

A naturally refreshing drink that is packed full of electrolytes & vitamins! It is extremely thirst-quenching, making it perfect for a hot, sunny Singapore afternoon.

R - $5       L - $6

Coconut Ice Tea

Earl Grey Coconut Ice Tea

Earl Grey

Classic Earl Grey tea infused with coconut water. Specially crafted to enhance the aroma of Bergamot, complemented by an undertone of refreshing citrus flavours for everyday drinking.

R - $3.9       L - $4.9

Longan Coconut Ice Tea


Longan tea infused with coconut water. Made with Cylon black and green tea harmoniously combined with longan and rambutan for a sweet and lingering aftertaste.

R - $3.9       L - $4.9

Lychee Coconut Ice Tea


Lychee tea infused with coconut water. Made with pure Cylon black tea accented with lychee and mangosteen tropical notes.

R - $3.9       L - $4.9

Passion Fruit Coconut Ice Tea

Passion Fruit

Passion fruit tea infused with coconut water. Made with pure Cylon black tea accented with exotic flavours of passion fruit to excite your palate.

R - $3.9       L - $4.9

Peach Coconut Ice Tea


Peach tea infused with coconut water. Made with pure Cylon black tea accented with a dash of fragrant peach for that wonderful aroma.

R - $3.9       L - $4.9

Elderberry Coconut Ice Tea


Elderberry tea infused with coconut water. Made with a mixture of apple pieces, hibiscus petals, elderberries, rosehips, raspberry, blackberry and strawberry fruit granules for a refreshing caffeine-free drink for any time of the day.

R - $4.2       L - $5.1

Coconut Shakes

The OG

The OG

The Original coconut shake. Savour this refreshing cup of goodness with the perfect blend of creaminess and sweetness for a coco-nut good time.

R - $4.9       L - $5.9

Signature Roasted Coconut Shake

Signature Roasted

For Coconuts lovers, this is for you! When roasted, the sweet scent of the coconuts is enhanced, leaving a slightly sweet and fresh aftertaste in your mouth and also leaves you wanting for more!

R - $5.5       L - $6.5

Avocado Coconut Shake


A huge favourite with everyone! This rich, creamy, delicious drink is not only a perfect treat for your afternoon, but also a perfect treat for your body as avocados are chockfull of nutrients.

R - $5.9       L - $6.9

Matcha Coconut Shake


Enjoy a well-balanced and tasty blend of coconut and matcha for a drink to desire for. A Matcha made in heaven.

R - $5.9       L - $6.9

Cookies & Cream Coconut Shake

Cookies & Cream

Growing up, who doesn't love cookies and cream? Relieve your childhood and indulge in this delectable creamy shake on the days you need a pick me up.

R - $5.9       L - $6.9

Salted Caramel Coconut Shake

Salted Caramel

This drink marries the freshness of coconuts and the indulgence of salted caramel, resulting in a heavenly treat for our tastebuds. This is also a personal favourite of the owners!

R - $5.9       L - $6.9

Hazelnut Coconut Shake


An indulgent shake infused with the nutty flavours of earthy hazelnut, married with the refreshing sweetness of our coconut. It's a treat in a nutshell.

R - $5.9       L - $6.9

Cold Brew Coconut Shake

Cold Brew

Infused with our speciality cold brew which is steeped in-house, giving this drink a smoother taste with flavour notes of chocolate.

R - $5.9       L - $6.9

Surprise Me!

Surprise Me!

Not sure which coconut shake to go for. we will surprise you & pick a staff favourite for you.

R - $5.9       L - $6.9


Aiyu Jelly     $0.6

Coconut Jelly     $0.6

Aloe Vera     $0.8

Brown Sugar Kantan Jelly     $0.9

Coconut Meat     $0.9